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(limited edition of 300 copies pressed on 140 gram black vinyl, full colour sealed picture cover) cd releases.

With production from Ido, Blufoot, Beat Butcha, Jehst & Pete Cannon.

Blazin' beats from this Nottingham producer who's lucky enough to have Tragedy Khadafi, Hell Razah, Ruste Juxx, Ill Bill, M9, Kevlaar 7, Cyrus Malachi, Sha Stimuli, Tesla's Ghost, Phoenix Da Icefire, Sav Killz and many more grace the vocal booth here. Dirty Dike's third album comes in hard, fully focused and smashing the shit out of the speaker box.

Not only a lyrical bombardment of the highest order from Dike, but some siiiick beats to compliment them from Naive & Pete Cannon.

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